Friday, June 12, 2009

Hand Sanitizer Recall

I'm sitting here on the computer this morning perusing the news and I come across a news article about hand sanitizers being recalled. I do use them and just recently purchased some. I know there are good and bad things said about them, but the germ-a-phobe in me has me still using them. This story was of interest to me because of that.

My search techniques usually bring me pretty sufficient results - I do know how to search for answers. Today - not so much. They told us about the recall, but they didn't tell us anything more. Why?

Why? I just want to know WHY! Sure, I can see what brand they told me, but where is it sold? What does it look like? The Clarcon Labs Website doesn't even have it posted on their News and Events page.

Further reading leads me to a site that says Clarcon hand sanitizers are used in restaurants. RESTAURANTS people!!!! The article says - The recalled skin products were designed primarily for industrial use. Citrushield is a skin protection product marketed toward industrial users who handle harsh chemicals, such as mechanics and janitors. Skin Shield products are usually sold on janitor and restaurant supply websites.

Uggggghhhhhh, that is just bad! I am happy to report that none of my hand sanitizers in my house are made by Clarcon, but now I am concerned about food prep people and what kind of hand sanitizer they are using.


Kristin said...

Wow. A few years ago I read an article about a kid getting really sick from licking the stuff of her hands. (I think it was the alcohol that poisoned her.) We do use it in the car when we have no access to soap and, for now, I think the risk of the soap is better than that of nasty germs, esp. in this super-germ world.

truth said...

Dot, when are you going to get back to blogging???

Dot said...

Hi Joanne!

I have been so busy just trying to keep up!!! Planning a graduation party for my oldest, that's in a few weeks!!! Yikes!!!! Then there is a second season of baseball upon us, band camp, getting things ready for school and for some reason - I volunteered to RUN the Garden Club at the elementary school.

I will probably be back at it when school goes back.

Thanks for asking, I do miss it!!!