Monday, June 08, 2009


Can you believe that title? Most of my time has been consumed by baseball. It is a really good thing that I like baseball!!!! Saturday was spent going from one field to another. We left the house @ 11:20 and only stopped at home briefly for a snack and clean-up before we headed out to another game. My dh left the house at the same time with the oldest ball player for his game, returned home to pick up 2 other kids and head to the game where I was. We did not get home till after 5. Friday was like that too. I am glad that baseball is winding down. It has been a crazy schedule here.

My junior league son is in 3rd place.
My minor league son is in 5th place.
They will both go to the play-offs.

My rookie player is much improved. He started pitching a few games ago, he walked a LOT of kids! The last game, he pitched 2 innings. The first inning he pitched to 3 boys for a total of 15 pitches! The 2nd inning I lost count because I was so excited with how well he did the first! It was still a no hitter inning. He sat out the 3rd inning and then was catcher for the last 3 innings, the score was 16-1. All the boys played really well, the score was so high because the other teams pitchers walked a lot of our players.

I still have a few more weeks left of baseball, maybe then I can get back to regular blogging!!!