Monday, May 18, 2009

It's What's for Dinner

and it was very yummy and accompanied by a glass of Leelanau Cellars Pomegranate Wine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another week of Baseball

Baseball last week was interesting. My 11 year old is in the Minor League, he played twice. His first game was a very high scorring, down to the last minute WIN! Just about every inning was a mercy inning. In his league, if the team is ahead by 5 points, the inning is switched. They only play 6 innings, so in any given game, the highest score would be Visitors 55 Home 60. That's a lot of runs. Both teams played very well, the other team scored a lot of their runs by stealling home, most of ours were RBI's and the final score was 24-25. His second game, not so much. I think the other team had more seasoned players and they mercied us, the kids were still willing to play another inning, but the lightning was the final decision maker.

My 13 year old didn't have such a great week, all 3 of his games were mercy games and the scores were horrible 20 something to nothing; 14-4; and 12-2. In his league, they don't have a mercy rule per inning, it starts after the 3rd inning - if the team is ahead by 10 then the game is called. I hope they don't loose their spirit!

My 8 year old is on a Rookie League. This is their first year to pitch the whole game, last year was Coach Pitch and they only pitched the last inning. I missed the second game this week because I was at another field, but my husband was their to watch the 8 year old pitch his first game! He pitched the first two innings and was catcher for the last 4. They won 8-5! I am so excited for him as he really likes to play! He will be pitching again this week!

Also last week was Mother's Day Tea at preschool. The kids are absolutely adorable! They sang a song and gave us a present, which was an old fashioned picture of them in a suit coat. Myles is so much fun!

In between innings and during the game there is plenty of time to KNIT!!! Here is what I have accomplished! They are dishcloths!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009