Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have been sorely absent here. There has been so much going on. Being unemployed takes up A LOT of time. My husband was one of the 650,000 people laid off in February, making Michigan's unemployment rate more than 12%. So far we are doing okay, but there doesn't seem to be too many jobs out there for the guy that is over 50 - even if he does have his MBA and EXPERIENCE.

I will try to keep you updated as much as possible. My husband has been hogging the computer scouring the country for job leads. When I do get a chance, I have been listing things on eBay. Please check out my auctions.

If you could spare any prayers, we would be eternally grateful. I know that we are not alone in this and have been praying for everyone.




truth said...

Hugs and prayers! I heard on the news last night that Michigan had the highest unemployment rate. I think Colorado just hit something like 7%. Wanna move here?

Dot said...

We are definitely willing to relocate!!!!

Kristin said...

Oh no, Dot -- I hope he finds something soon! As you know, most of my relatives live in MI and it's tough to hear how hard the state is getting hit with unemployment.

Lisa said...

Hugs Dot.