Monday, July 28, 2008


The committal service was very nice. The National Cemetery where my Father-in-law is buried is a very peaceful and beautiful place. This is a sample of his headstone.

He was in the army and served in WWII. I sure hope he is at peace now, as that is what he wanted. I did not read the poem I wanted to, but I did read from Eccelesiates. My sister-in-law and I shared the reading.

The weather was beautiful and all in all it was a nice day. Thank you to everyone who said a prayer for my Father-in-law. They are very much appreciated.


Kristin said...

I salute him. It's sad that we are losing so many of our WWII veterens now. They were true heroes. Beautiful stone. (I'm glad that our country is so good at honoring our veterens at their funerals.)

BTW, about my blog, I don't usually have that many readers -- it's the contest! :o)

truth said...

Lovely. My father-in-law has had a bad week. He is 85. He rarely shared much about his war days. But over the past year he will unexpectedly begin telling about something. I want to grab the video camera and record it for all time. It won't be too many years when all of our older vets will be gone. So sad.

How is your husband doing through all of this? And how is the seizure situation?

Dot said...

Thank you Kristin and Truth!!

My dh is handling things well. I think you could call him a pragmatist. He is under a lot of stress because of his job right now that doesn't allow him time to wallow. KWIM?

Kristin said...

Hey Dot, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog. You have to scroll down to read the details on my front page -- playing is optional!

Dot said...

Awww Kristin!!!! That was very thoughtful of you. I do wish I could blog more.