Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Catch up Post

So much has been going on here. First - it is BASEBALL season!!! We have lots of running to do with 3 boys playing. My Father-in-law has come to live with us as he needs Assisted Living now. He had a fall and at the moment is recovering, but requires constant care, so my husband and I have been playing tag team in his care. All in all, I think he is doing well.

Here is a list, in pictures of what else we have been doing. And this is in no means a complete list!

Carpet damage:

Trying to pick a paint color:

Replacing Carpet with Wood (aka Going Green):

Almost done:

Spring has sprung:

The Cuteness is Astounding!!!


Paula said...

Miles is very cute! And your wood floor is gorgeous! How is your FIL doing? Will he be living with you permanently now?

I don't use myspace much either, was just trying it out.

Dot said...

Hi Paula,

Thank you. Yes, FIL will be here till we can no longer take care of him. He will be 85 this week.

We put him in our room with the brand new wood floor. Still not done painting, but it is coming along. Baseball had kind of gotten in the way.