Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where have I been????

Well, the end of July was very busy!!! First, we went away for the weekend in this:

borrowed from a friend, it was VERY luxurious!!!!

Then, a week later, we went out of state to the eastern shore and took along this:

It is small, but it is OURS. We slept in that for 3 nights. Some of the kids slept in a tent as we do not all fit!!! But it was fun, despite the limited sleeping arrangements, we had a great time. We stayed with family before and after our visit to the ocean. We were gone for 10 days total. After we returned home, it was a flurry of activity to get everyone ready for the start of school and the start of sports.

We are in full swing now and every night is busy, busy, busy!!!


truth said...

Glad to see you back! My dh has been wanting to rent an RV and go on a trip, but they are so darn expensive. Wish we had one to borrow.

FireDragon said...

It was so good too see you.
Love, Sis