Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yesterday, as I sat, peacefully knitting, waiting for my son to get his braces on, the woman next to me gave me a lot of personal information. I was completely surprised that she would share with me her husband's name, social security number, home telephone number, where he works, the name of their insurance company and their kid's name. Why would she tell me all of this information when I am a stranger. Never met her before? Probably never going to speak to her?

Why? Why, you ask. I ask why too. Why would she sit there and tell EVERYONE around her this information?

Because she was on her CELL PHONE!!!!

Do people not have any sense anymore???? I really did not want to know this information.

And by-the-way, she has a hair appointment next Wednesday, just a trim as she colored it herself over the weekend.


truth said...

I have had that same experience at the dentist's office. It always seems so quiet and yet the one on the cell phone talks so loud I cannot tune her out!

Hind's Feet said...

Good gravy!