Saturday, September 02, 2006


Trying to find a toilet and sink for the bathroom. Trying not to break the budget, but at the same time, I want a toilet that will actually flush. This is what I have been looking at for a toilet.

This is the sink.

Haven't picked out the faucet yet. I understand the drawbacks to a vessel sink (like water on the counter, and soap scum under the bowl). But I want a little something to be upscale in my house. I was thinking about putting wainscoting in there, but not sure how it will look with the sink. If I did that, then I will paint it the same color as the kitchen. Which I will show you after I actually take pictures of the newly painted kitchen.

Your comments are appreciated, as I haven't ordered anything yet.


Dot said...

You're too late. We bought the sink. We ended up picking out another toilet. It was much more inexpensive. It seems to have the same features as the toto, so we will see how it works. The missing wood has been replaced and the pipe has been sawed off. This weekend should see a lot of progress.


Kim said...

That's a cool sink! My only concern is it getting chipped. Or someone hitting the side with something and cracking/breaking it.

I know what you mean about wanting to upscale. Seems like my house has been one of economy and practicality forever. Sometimes it'd be nice to do something just for the aesthetic reason.

I hope it's everything you want it to be. :o)

truth said...

Is that the sink you bought? I think it is way cool and so...ok, can't think of the words I want at the moment, but my neighbor just redid her bathroom and went with something very similar and it looks tres chic!

Anonymous said...

sounds beautiful!
I love wainscotting