Thursday, August 03, 2006

Water Closet

The half bath on the main floor has been reduced to a water closet.

That's it.

Nothing more.

What started out as as simple renovation, has turned out to be a MAJOR redo!!!

Not sure what we are going to do anymore. We were going to replace the toilet with a new one that will actually flush more than just, eh hem, number 1. In the process, we were also going to install a new pedestal sink (just because I like the look of them). And why not, I ask, why not? We have to refinish the floor as we didn't do it when we did the kitchen. Mostly because we knew the toilet had to come off for the job.

Well, insert big sigh after the sink came out, it revealed the unforseeable....... The floor underneath the sink was not complete!

We are on hold now till the floor dries. The toilet was actually leaking and we won't know the extent of that damage until after we sand it.

For your pleasure, here is a picture. And yes, that is all the bigger the bathroom is.


truth said...

Why does it seem like any time you start a house project it turns into a nightmare and grows enormous??? I feel for you.