Wednesday, August 30, 2006


School started for my oldest, yesterday. Wooohooo!!! If he's at school, I don't have to argue with him. At least that's the way it should be. I think in the 2 days that he has gone to school, we have argued more in the 30 minutes he is up before he leaves, than we have on any given day over the summer. I took a different approach today. I told him straight up, "I don't like arguing with you, it's not right that I should have to yell at you to get you to listen. Can we just do this without the fighting?" He calmed down after that and was a little better. I probably said some other things, but that is all that my memory snagged. I hope tomorrow is a better morning. I think it might be, because he will have the allure of the weekend.

On a further note, the bathroom is coming along. I have to pick out a toilet and sink that I want. Not sure how much money I want to sink (pun intended) into the pair. I found a pedestal sink that I like and it is inexpensive, YEAH! But the toilet to go with it, I am not sure of it's flushing power.


truth said...

I can't remember, how old is your son?

Dot said...

He just turned 15. He is in 10th grade.