Wednesday, August 30, 2006


School started for my oldest, yesterday. Wooohooo!!! If he's at school, I don't have to argue with him. At least that's the way it should be. I think in the 2 days that he has gone to school, we have argued more in the 30 minutes he is up before he leaves, than we have on any given day over the summer. I took a different approach today. I told him straight up, "I don't like arguing with you, it's not right that I should have to yell at you to get you to listen. Can we just do this without the fighting?" He calmed down after that and was a little better. I probably said some other things, but that is all that my memory snagged. I hope tomorrow is a better morning. I think it might be, because he will have the allure of the weekend.

On a further note, the bathroom is coming along. I have to pick out a toilet and sink that I want. Not sure how much money I want to sink (pun intended) into the pair. I found a pedestal sink that I like and it is inexpensive, YEAH! But the toilet to go with it, I am not sure of it's flushing power.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Water Closet

The half bath on the main floor has been reduced to a water closet.

That's it.

Nothing more.

What started out as as simple renovation, has turned out to be a MAJOR redo!!!

Not sure what we are going to do anymore. We were going to replace the toilet with a new one that will actually flush more than just, eh hem, number 1. In the process, we were also going to install a new pedestal sink (just because I like the look of them). And why not, I ask, why not? We have to refinish the floor as we didn't do it when we did the kitchen. Mostly because we knew the toilet had to come off for the job.

Well, insert big sigh after the sink came out, it revealed the unforseeable....... The floor underneath the sink was not complete!

We are on hold now till the floor dries. The toilet was actually leaking and we won't know the extent of that damage until after we sand it.

For your pleasure, here is a picture. And yes, that is all the bigger the bathroom is.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July 29, 1991

That day changed my life. That was the day my first child was born. How different I felt, yet how the same I felt. This birth story is a short one. As far as labors can go, this one was relatively short.

I had an appointment on Monday the 29 th, one day past my official due date. I was to go to the hospital for a Non-stress Test. The check-in procedure at the hospital was that I went to the ER, told them I had an appointment and sat in the waiting room. The thing is, my appointment was scheduled for 7 am and I checked in to the ER at 6:30 am, like I was told to do. The ER, since I WASN'T in labor, made me wait and apparently forgot about me. When they were done with their coffee break paperwork it was 9 o'clock!!!! I had been sitting there for over TWO HOURS. All they had to do was walk me upstairs!!!

Anyway, since I was waiting so long, I had to pee!!!! (Not that I couldn't have gone when I was in the ER, but I was by myself and I knew that if I went to the bathroom, they would call my name and I would have missed it.) I let the OB nurse know as soon as I got up there and she led me to a bathroom. AS SOON AS I SAT DOWN, my water broke!!!!! I came out and told the nurse, and then she had to check and make sure, because she didn't believe me!!! When I proved her right, I got my very own room. The hospital's maternity ward was brand-new that year and they had LDRP's (Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum rooms).

I was hooked up to the monitor, got an IV started and sat there and waited for contractions to start. I was actually contracting every 6 minutes, but they were barely noticeable. My doctor came from the office at noon to check on me and ordered pit, since I was still not feeling the contractions. I remember being able to watch All My Children, but after that things start to get fuzzy. My contractions were building and I was unable to concentrate so I asked for something. The something I was given was Demerol. It really just put me to sleep, except for when I was contracting - so it seems to me like one really long contraction. The doctor came back some time after office hours (most likely just after 5). I was a 6-7 by then. The doctor waited in the my room and watched me to decide if I was going to be much longer as he wanted to go home. After about 20 minutes, he decided he was going home. Ha! As soon as he left the room, I said to the nurse, I think I have to push. She wants to check me first, and in doing so realizes that I am in transition and runs out of the room chasing after my doctor.

About a half an hour later, my first child, my first son comes in to this world by my husband's (my son's father's) hands. What a miraculous feeling as my husband lays him on my stomach. The doctor clamps the cord and my husband cuts the cord. The baby is quickly taken to the warming bed where he is given O2 as he is a little purple. After they are all done with the warming, cleaning, checking, weighing and wrapping. The nurse puts my new baby in my arms and I can still feel his weight in my arms, all 8 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. of him, after 6 1/2 hours on pitocin.

This was one of the biggest life changing moments for me (next to marring my husband). Every day it changes. Every day I learn from this, my oldest child, my first son. Happy Birthday Son!