Monday, May 01, 2006


I made this on Friday!!! It was so yummy!!

How to make:

Place Ladyfingers in bottom of trifle bowl
Brush with mixture of (single)brewed espresso and dark rum (to taste)
Sprinkle on some raspberries
Add 1/3 of vanilla pudding (I used Jello fat free 4 servings)
Add another layer of Ladyfingers and brush with espresso
Add the rest of the pudding
Top with Cool-whip
Sprinkle with your choice of chocolate, slivered almonds or raspberries (or all 3)


FireDragon said...

real cream would be better. I'm always suprized that mom didn't do it that way. Looks good.

Dot said...

Thanks, the one I made after this one was with real cream and without the espresso!!!