Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An Extravaganza Post

I suppose I need to update my few readers. It has been a very busy month. There's been:

Hospital visits
Mom 2 mom sales
Teacher Conferences
Spring break
Oral surgery
An ear infection
Eye appointments
Remodeling of sorts

All in all, everything has worked out fine, but it has been rather busy. Dh ended up in the hospital overnight for what turned out to be stomach problems related to stress. They probably didn't need to keep him, but because he complained of pain near his chest, they kept him as a precaution. He has an appointment with a Gastroenterologist and a follow-up with his GP.

The mom2mom sale was horrible!! For starters, my 12 yo daughter was going to come with me and help with the table and dh was to be home with the boys. Well, wouldn't you know that his hospital stay was on THE.VERY.SAME.DAY. So............I asked his brother to come stay at the house to help. He doesn't know about babies, so I needed my daughter to stay at home to take care of him. I ended up taking my 10 yo ds to help with the table (just what a 10 yo boy wants to do!!!). As far as the kids being taken care of, everything worked out fine. The real stinker is that I only made $37. Not hardly worth my 6 hours there plus prep time.

Next was parent-teacher conferences. My dd's (who is a middle-schooler) was first and went really well, she is doing great and is self motivated. A couple of weeks later, I had the elementary boy's conferences. They were okay and completely what I expected. What I didn't expect was that I wrote the time on the WRONG date. I had it down for Thursday and my 10 yo asks me Wednesday at 1:15 if we are going to conferences and I said yes they are tomorrow at 1:30, and he calmly informs me that they are in fact on Wednesday. Well, the baby had just woken up from his nap and was having lunch and I wasn't even dressed! Somehow, I managed to get some makeup and clothes on and everyone out the door in 8 minutes. We made it to the first conference on time and it went really well. When I was done with that one, we all headed to the next one with 10 minutes to spare. Turns out I needed all 10 minutes because the baby pooped and nobody brought the diaper bag. Went home, changed a diaper and back to class in 10 minutes flat!! The last conference was the Jr. High kid, on Thursday and was completely expected.

Spring break started on Good Friday and had me at the Oral Surgeons office getting a tooth extracted under a local and NOT under-under!!! How completely and utterly horrible, but unfortunately necessary. Good dental care is a must at all times. Tooth #19 started out just needing a filling, but because I was pregnant, they wouldn't fill it. So it got left to fester for 6 months and needed a root canal when I was no longer pregnant. That was 15 years ago and the dentist, I'm assuming pocketed the insurance money for the whole procedure, because she didn't finish putting a crown on the tooth that was almost completely filled with amalgam. When I got out of the dental HMO and picked my own dentist, he finished the work, but there wasn't much left of the actual tooth and the crown kept breaking off and we could not save it. So I am left with a hole in my mouth to heal for 6 months and the decision as to what to do next - an implant or a bridge.

My allergies have been extremely bad, so I went to the Dr. yesterday and low and behold, I have an ear infection. Antibiotics and Clarinex-D for me.

Took 2 of the kids with me to the eye doctor. I need new glasses and my 10 yo got glasses. He looks really cute in them and I'm glad he can see better.

The remodeling that we did was the original wood floor that we put in when we built the house 10 years ago. It needed a refinish job. LOTS of sanding and 3 coats of polyurethane later, it is looking good. It needs to sit for a week before we can put the furniture back, so maybe in that time we can put up new baseboards.

Here are a few pictures of before and after.

New wood just for this little hallway.

And after