Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The last thing I finished knitting!!! It was about 6 weeks ago, for the baby's christening.


truth said...

Those are beautiful! I used to have a pattern like that but never made it. It looks crocheted. (Something I don't know how to do.) Do you have that pattern on the computer you could send to me? I'd love to have it.

Dot said...


Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. The pattern is super easy, and is from a booklet titled Precious Layettes to Knit. I found it at Joann's Etc. for $6.50. But, you can also find it online at There are 4 different patterns to choose from and I have done 3 of them. I can still give you the directions if you want.

truth said...

Thank-you so much, you are a sweetie! I will look it up and let you know if I have questions. Thanks again.