Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baby Proofing 101

How do you baby proof this?

And yes, he figured out how to get to the next step.

He gets up.

I take him down.

He gets up.

I take him down.

Do you see a pattern?

Do you know what I will be doing ALL. DAY. LONG?????


owlhaven said...

Oh, my goodness!! My one year old has just discovered she can climb up on the dining table!
Mary, mom to 8

Hind's Feet said...

In our last house Steadfast tie-wrapped plywood to the banister on the stair side... I think I need to see if I have any pictures of it to show you, because it's hard to describe... but basically with this solution they can't get a finger grip anywhere to help themselves up. ;)

Kathy said...

Oh Goodness, don't give my Jack any ideas. What a smartie you have there:-)

moe said...

We have five steps up from our entrance to the living room. With our son, (the first born in this house) we tried to block them off even though the openning is too big for a gate. Still he fell down a few times. Since then we just left it open and taught them how to turn around and crawl down and it's worked with our last 3 kids. I think as soon as something is 'forbidden' they just obsess over it. Kind of like me if I try to diet. All I think about is cookies ;o)